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AppOnTheRun-Field Management Software for the business that is always on the run!

AppOnTheRun is a comprehensive field service management cloud-based software, designed to provide real-time, accurate data on your customers, staff, and overall business. AppOntheRun can efficiently handle many common problems in the field service business, including:

  • Too much time spent processing and preparing work orders and checklists daily
  • Lost or damaged paperwork containing important information
  • Difficulty communicating last-minute schedule, route, or work order changes to field workers
  • Field workers forging records, taking long lunches, or not performing to standard
  • Difficulty understanding a field worker’s handwriting or language barriers to communication
  • Lack of proof (to the company and the customer) that high quality services were performed
  • Integrates fully with MapOnTheRun allowing you to verify location of service crews at time of service.

With the our AppOnTheRun mobile application, smartphones and tablets are integrated to provide exceptional timely and accurate information to management without the cost of specialized equipment. Photo documentation, real-time GPS tracking, and digital submissions of notes and billing information from job sites empowers you to monitor the business’ activities as they unfold. All work orders are accessed digitally, so you can update the schedule on-the-fly from anywhere, never risking lost or illegible paperwork. You’ll also be able to collect faster with AppOnTheRun’s one-click invoicing and online customer payments.

How AppOnTheRun has helped one of our clients:

“With me being out in the field a lot, it used to be practically impossible to keep up with what was happening on any given day. Numerous calls would be made to the office and to the crews in an attempt to stay on top of how work was progressing. This was always cumbersome and very difficult to do, and it would demand I allocate a significant amount of my already scarce time to tedious micromanagement.

With AOTR I utilize a cell enabled iPad which allows me to stay on top of things at any given point of time – practically without effort – regardless of my location. I am able to go into AOTR and see how work is progressing across the board for each of my crews at will. I am even able to reassign service calls or add new service calls, if necessary. I can essentially operate pretty much as if I was in the office – even when I am not.

In my opinion, AppOnTheRun has the ability to become an extraordinarily valuable tool for any small business with a mobile workforce.

–Christian Clausnitzer, President of SunCastle Pools, LLC.